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Business Services.jpgA business cannot run completely on it’s own, there are many jobs that have to be performed day to day and a lot of behind the scenes labor is performed to create success. Many hands make light work as they say and for a business that is more than true.

The backdrop of a business actually relies on outside sources to function daily. There is shipping and handling, tech services, supply orders, electrical and cleaning services; the list is never ending.

Some small businesses usually fulfill the majority of their services on their own, but everyone can’t be well-versed in everything and will have to request the service of other businesses, especially in emergency cases.

While bigger businesses have a continuous arrangement with outside sources for day to day duties, as well as inconsistent services.

Business services is one of the safest franchises to start up. For those looking for a career change and a better work life balance, business services is an easy and safe guarantee that provides a lot of personal freedom.

Most business services do not have a set location, but are mobile and therefore a franchisee would set up the franchise as instructed and usually work from home and on their own time.  This process would normally take a lot of self-management and time management, but a lot of franchisors have a set plan to keep things consistent and on track. It would be useful to speak with trainees and current franchisees to see if it’s the best fit for your lifestyle.

The great thing about business services is the clientele it usually has established, which means a franchisee would have an immediate source of profit right from the beginning.

There are lot of choices in this particular genre; in 2017 there were over a hundred thousand business service franchises established in the US.

Cleaning services

One of the most common business service franchises is the cleaning service.  A lot of small businesses would perform a lot of the minor cleaning tasks and daily rituals but a deep clean is usually serviced out to another business. Even larger businesses have a routine cleaning schedule but will hire a steam cleaning or carpet cleaning service, for example.

A lot of hotels, office buildings and hospitals have a serviced out cleaning service that is constantly used. These services can be provided at any point in the day, but are usually performed late at night. Though a franchisee wouldn’t typically be involved with the tasks, once and awhile it may be expected to jump in if there is a quick turnover.

No experience is required to run a cleaning services franchise but a research of clientele would be recommended. Some of these franchises have long term contracts with other franchises, with a client list that is full and guaranteed from the get-go. Contact with franchisors should be considered before establishing an investment to ensure there is potential for clients within the area.

Repairs, Electricians, Construction and Plumbing

When a business runs into an unexpected problem, they still have to open their doors to the public and continue service. If there is a plumbing issue at hand, they need immediate assistance, therefore they usually have a contract set with a reliable plumbing franchise that can adhere to their emergency needs. Though plumbing is one of the repair services that a business would rely on heavily, it's only one of the many handyman services needed to run a business.

Between leaks, repairs, floods, updating, renovations and every other type of construction service a business needs to survive, most businesses depend on someone else to perform the task.

This is a great franchise to run if you have a background in handy work or construction. It allows franchisees to fulfill a passion while also living a great work life balance.

An issue to consider is the local businesses, which may take stiff competition. Small businesses usually cannot offer competitive prices but a long-term contract may already be in order with the majority of clients in your area and there may be sense of loyalty as well.

Insurance Company

All businesses need insurance and a franchise that sells business insurance is a remedy for success. Insurance rates are higher for businesses, whether it’s building insurance or group health insurance. Although you might find that most current businesses are already insured, they could be looking for a deal when their contract is up.

This type of investment would take a lot of research. A background in sales and insurance would be helpful but not necessary. A franchise in insurance would allow for a safe investment because it covers all its tracks and would work through all the red tape legally.

Training and support would be key factors to consider during research and speaking with current franchisees, their clients and their employees would give a clear perspective of how the business is run. Research into the credibility of the franchise would also be helpful and a look at the clientele list, as well as how long contracts are held.

Though it may come off as a possible mobile franchise, clients prefer insurance companies to have a tangible base, creating a larger start up fee for an office.

For the most part an insurance franchise can run itself, and usually has a pretty experienced and reliable set of employees to run the business, but the franchisee may have to step up to a lot of menial tasks every once and awhile.


One of the most common business services is a technology-based franchise. Almost every type of business runs on form of technology nowadays – from cash registers to debit machines to wifi services – and businesses are willing to pay the price to get their technology up and running as fast as possible. However, IT repairs and updates, as well as emergency run-ins can be complicated and need immediate attention for the business to continue running.

The only issue with tech services is that a lot of businesses may have set deals with their internet carrier for tech support. Again, a list of guaranteed clientele can be requested during your research and a one-on-one visit with local businesses to see how they adhere to their software needs would be recommended.

There is no experience necessary for this type of franchise, but it could be beneficial. However, more franchisors offer lengthy training in case you have to step in on the job.

Tech companies have a lot of small business competition, as well as big box store competition like Best Buy, that offers on location services. So a survey for the competing numbers would be helpful before a location is determined.

Business services is one of the safest start up franchises to consider. It usually has a low investment fee because it’s likely to be mobile without a set location and the best part is a list of clients is automatically a part of your business plan, which guarantees profit and success.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.