Funtopia business philosophy capitalizes on a growing trend towards healthier, active lifestyles. More than just a place for kids to play, Funtopia is an adventure park where family and friends come to entertain and challenge themselves. Our mix of sports and fun, coupled with an amazing brand experience, has enabled our locations to enjoy the benefits of customer loyalty. The concept was created out of desire to provide a new type of entertainment that would be an alternative to today’s prevalence of physically-passive screen display entertainment. Believing that being active, both mentally and physically is the essence of healthy lifestyle, we decided to make it as fun as possible. Our culture, our customers, and the Funtopia brand experience is the “icing on the cake” to a solid business model that allows you to grow your income and reach long-term wealth goals.

Contact: Yasen Nikolov

Phone: 1.833.386.8674