Lifted, An Elevated Experience is a Hemp/CBD shopping experience. Stepping into the retail environment at Lifted, it only takes a few seconds to realize why the consumer’s needs are so readily met, as this is not the typical Hemp/CBD shopping experience. The space is laid out in such a way that the flow lends itself to making the most of the square footage - which is modest, by some retail standards and yet, is comfortable and inviting; creating ease and efficiency for hemp/CBD consumers of every experience level. This design also reinforces Lifted’s respect for the consumer’s time, as well as their own. Lifted’s inventory exemplifies the brand’s serious commitment to quality products; but not without playful elements such as, the Lifted Candy Bar, where customers can choose from an array of CBD-infused sweets, treats and edibles. Lifted has an educational shopping experience where the sales team does not follow like a shadow, they lead as a guide. The aesthetics of the brand further lend themselves to the name with a sleek, modern FFE package and colors that are fresh and crisp. In every way, Lifted is truly an elevated experience.

150 Penman Street
Nature of Business: 
Hemp/CBD Retail
Association Membership: 
Initial Fee: 
Minimum Investment: 
$95,00 - $155,000