The Interface Financial Group: It’s Tried and Tested and It’s Ready to Go!

With roots reaching back to 1972, The Interface Financial Group (IFG) has carved out a special place for itself in the commercial finance market. Serving the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, IFG has grown from the ‘one office/one location’ environment into a multi-national organization now covering eight countries on four continents.

The founder of the company, Mr. John Sheehy, had a simple approach to business when he started in 1972 – that approach being, to provide a service that his clients needed and to provide it in as timely a fashion as possible.

Over 45 years later IFG continues to focus on that mentality and approach – servicing clients in a timeframe that was not possible in 1972 but now, with the advent of extensive integrated technology, the service timeframe has been drastically reduced.

IFG provides a cash flow acceleration service for their clients. In today’s environment clients invariably find that they are at the mercy of their customer when it comes to their cash flow, as it is their customer who controls the payment cycle and hence their business. The Interface approach allows for invoices to be turned into immediate cash once the goods have been delivered or the services performed.

Giving clients the option to place a portion of their business on a ‘cash-on-delivery’ basis enables exponential growth for their clients. This form of financing is categorized as invoice discounting and while it may fall under the umbrella of the factoring financial service family, it is a unique and distinctive stand-alone service.

Banks have traditionally been the provider of capital for business growth throughout the country, something that has existed for many decades. However, there is now a noticeable shift in that role, with banks being less favorably disposed to a lending relationship with their SME customer base.

Obviously, this is not a satisfactory situation for those businesses, however the fact that there are alternatives creates not only an opportunity for Interface but a viable growth pipeline for emerging businesses. Where a company’s needs cannot be met by their conventional funder, then an immediate opportunity is created for the Interface service.

Not only is the Interface service distinct in terms of performance time, it is also distinct in terms of delivery methods. Interface is organized on a franchise basis. This approach enables the organization to have an extensive geographical reach into the marketplace through their franchisees. Working with franchisees also provides a high level of local due diligence in assessing funding opportunities and again reducing the overall time from ‘application to funding’.

For individuals looking to own their own business and an opportunity to enter the entrepreneurial marketplace, a white collar professional franchise such as IFG offers a very realistic and viable opportunity. IFG, having been in business for over 45 years, brings extensive expertise and history to the table for all franchisees. The extensive technology component in the franchise also provides an unparalleled opportunity for both franchisees and clients to grow their respective businesses.

The advent of technology in the Interface organization has enabled them to craft a franchise that is now basically paperless. Franchisees are no longer in the form filling business, and their efforts are very much concentrated on the ‘people’ aspects of running and building their business. For individuals who see themselves as ‘people’ people with a strong business background, then the Interface opportunity may be a ‘must review ‘opportunity. Working only in the business-to-business marketplace and only core business hours without extensive travel, and in a home-based environment with no inventory and employees to invest in, the Interface franchise is very much a work smart and not work hard opportunity.