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front_cover_february_2019_franchising_usa-74.jpgAs the saying should go, behind every great business are a lot of business services.

A business services is a company that provides a specific service to other businesses. Whether it 's cleaning, tech support or even mail services, all types of businesses are reliant on outside factors.

Business services is a strong contender in the franchising world. There are numerous different choices to consider, each with its own pros and cons dependending on your own personal needs.

For example, one business service might only function after regular work hours, while another might require more involvement from a franchisee than others. Some business service franchises completely run themselves providing a great work life balance and others have are mobile franchise that have low start-up fees.

A clear understanding of what one would expect and want from a business would be best considered  before looking into any investments.

Tech services

A lot of businesses rely on others to provide technology services. Though some small businesses will likely only need an internet service provider, as well as a few computers, what happens when that computer ceases to function? Or when you can’t access your email? Or your cash register is down?

Whether we like it or not, there are a lot of technologies attached to everyday business functions. Cash registers, debit machines, light sensors, alarms, thermostats – a lot of gadgets may be dependent on a particular type of technology that will need servicing. Nothing is as simple as calling a repairman anymore. If you can make something digital, it will be.

Companies now use iPads and iPods for a variety of functions but may not have the manpower to service any of these gadgets when they falter. As the use of technology increases and we become more and more dependent on all its abilities, the services needed for such devices will inevitably increase..

There is no need for tech experience, but expertise in the field would be of benefit. Though there are no expectations from franchisees, it’s a great business option for those interested in the IT field.

Repair Services

The repair field reaches across many different areas: plumbing, electricity, and even general handyman fixes. When running a business, there are a lot of services that need tending or even updating. Businesses are dependent on those experienced in the trades to help them keep their buildings up and running. There are a lot of franchise opportunities specializing in such fields.

For those with a background in trades, the franchise option is much less riskier. It usually comes with a list of loyal clients and provides expertise, support and marketing. Take a surveillance of the territory and see what the competition is and how much a particular service trade is needed within the area before investing. Though all businesses may need trade support, it doesn’t necessarily mean the consumers are looking for a new opportunity.

When it comes to repair services, a lot of business owners have “a guy” who they trust and who is well known within the community. Do some digging to see what the atmosphere feels like and what the realities of competition are in your area.

Some franchises specializes in different trades and cover a variety of services to many businesses. This type of franchise may have a higher profit but could take more work and have more of an expectation from the franchisee.

Coffee and Food Services

Nowadays a lot of companies order in food to their establishment for a variety of reasons and under a lot of different circumstances. Some larger establishments, like hospitals or residences rely on food services to provide their cafeteria with all the food they need. Some food service franchises have really big clients that keep them constantly busy, like government cafeterias or children's schools. Look at a franchises’ list of clients and investigate how many contracts they hold within your community.

Some businesses request restocking services from different mobile franchises. There are offices that have coffee machines that need constant refilling and depend on a franchise to show up and fill the shelves with their java needs, and a lot of companies have water coolers and set up contracts with a franchise to have their water delivered monthly. There are also vending machines in the lobby of many companies and businesses that need to be refilled.

The majority of these franchises are mobile businesses which have low start up fees. Employees do not necessarily have an office or tangible location, but have a mobile office that delivers food and services to other running businesses.

Shipping and Delivery Services

Every businesses needs goods delivered to them, and also need to ship things out. Some companies have products they need to distribute or essential supplies they need shipped in. As easy as it might seem to pick up products, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have time or may have found a cheaper bulk option that they can have ordered in.

Certain companies may rely heavily on their delivery and shipping partners to gain profit. Sending product out may be their main source of service themselves, so their partnership with a delivery service is very important.

With the internet, online shopping has been a big part of a lot retail venues, increasing the demands on the shipping industry.

From a franchising perspective there are a lot of heavy competitors in this field. Big name companies have a stronghold on the mail service; it would be wise to look directly at the competing services and how it would affect your choices. One could also look at opportunities within the big name shipping companies.

If you want a genuine understanding of how much a business relies on others to function, take a step into your favourite restaurant or store. There are so many hands needed to keep a business running, and you could be an integral part of that process. While a lot of businesses are reliant on others to keep them going, a business services franchises would mainly run on its own with the support of a franchisor.

Dependending on what exactly one is expecting from a business experience, a business service can provide a lot of the points on an investor’s checklist. There are enough opportunities that one could step into easily, with low risk and easy success. A business service franchise tend to come with a well groomed reputation, as well as a list of clients – it is a recipe for success without too much work or effort on the franchisee's end: all you have to do is figure out which one suits you best.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.