How Is Modern Technology Helping Businesses Grow



Technology and business have always been intertwined to a point where one drives the other. The same is still true in 2021. Businesses are using technology now more than ever for all kinds of reasons.


However, at the end of the day, everything comes down to boosting efficiency and increasing growth. Here are some of the known and not so well known ways modern technology is being used in business these days.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way we use the internet as well as our personal devices. The idea behind cloud computing is rather simple — move data centers, critical resources, and computing from physical locations to an online “cloud”. By doing so, businesses are creating a network of computers, all of which have instant access to whatever is stored in that company’s “cloud”.


Cloud computing has not only cut down the number of administrative hurdles an employee has to jump through in order to get their job done, but it has also sped up almost every aspect of modern business. Working with clouds allows for remote work, instant access, and most importantly, off-site backups of sensitive data and information.

Fleet Tracking Through the Internet of Things

The transportation industry is still the backbone of every economy. Gross domestic product is heavily influenced by the unhindered flow of goods and services. As with many other industries, the transportation industry is ripe with opportunities for improvement. One such improvement comes in the form of fleet tracking using various asset tracking devices. Modern systems utilize the internet of things for enhanced trailer tracking, thus giving logistic companies a whole new kind of asset monitoring. Such devices are greatly affecting fleet management systems, making them more accurate and allowing fleet managers access to more precise data.


Additionally, real-time fleet monitoring means that logistics companies can now divert cargo ahead of time if there are any changes to the contract, or if the conditions along the planned route have changed unexpectedly.

Leaps in Safety

Almost every industry has a niche that is considered risky or downright dangerous. The safety of employees is paramount for any business. Modern technology has been instrumental in creating new safety protocols and personal protective equipment used across various industries. Modern workers and employees are much less likely to suffer a debilitating injury on the job thanks to careful planning and innovative engineering.


Modern technologies allow engineers to simulate various scenarios with a high level of precision. Being able to anticipate how a piece of protective equipment behaves in different types of accidents has enabled manufacturers of such equipment to make serious advancements in the levels of protection their products offer.



Automation is the word that will define the 21st century. Businesses, no matter the industry, are largely suffering from inefficiency caused by numerous time-consuming repetitive tasks. Automation is slowly solving these issues once across the board. Automation can come in the form of a software solution, but also a hardware one.


Most companies are slowly automating various parts of onboarding, payroll, and HR work in general. Similarly, numerous manufacturing and service jobs are being automated as well.

Cost Saving

Working from home has been the norm in 2021. Most businesses have found out that they can maintain productivity without having everyone come to the office. This has caused many companies to question the need for office space in general. Cost savings of remote work include lower rent and utility expenditures for business owners, but also the reduced or non-existent transportation costs of individual employees.


All of this was made possible thanks to modern communication software. The ability to conference with multiple people with zero issues has allowed many companies to carry on their operation with little to no dwell time during the transition.

Technology Grows Business

Technology is arguably one of the most important indicators of business growth. Technologies described in this article represent a small fraction of what is currently being used out there. As businesses seek new levels of efficiency, they will drive the development of existing tech and research of innovative solutions.


Soon enough technology will become a critical part of every industry in one way or another. Whether it is manufacturing-related, or a matter of maintaining communication, almost every business out there will become heavily tech-dependent as time goes by. As a business owner, it is your job to find out how you can implement technology in a way that helps your organization and improves your bottom line. More often than not, finding the answer to these questions is much easier than it seems.