Why It's More Efficient And Secure To Use Virtual Cards When Purchasing Your Business Needs

In today's technological world, no one uses checks for their transactions. Innovations in the finance and banking sector make it possible for businesses to send and make payments seamlessly. Enter virtual payment cards. These are online hosted digital cards and are a virtual representation of their plastic card counterparts. They offer a better alternative for safe and straightforward spending. Additionally, these cards allow users to use money from their mobile handsets, thereby eliminating the need to use physical cards. If your business wants to switch to virtual cards from traditional payment methods, here are reasons to do so.




1.Increased Accountability

With a virtual payment card, you can become more accountable with your business' money. For starters, you can assign virtual payment cards to suppliers and vendors. This way, the team at Bento Technologies says it's easy to track how you spend money and why. Even better, your card management system records every transaction you make with the card. This means your transactions are processed, well-labeled, and accounted for. Say goodbye to ghost payments. Additionally, you can reduce the amount of time spent chasing expense receipts by your finance department.

2.You Can Set a Spending Limit

If your shopping habits are getting out of hand, virtual payment cards can help you limit your spending. However, this applies to selected merchants only. And the best part is that you can set this prompt to work from both ends – low and high. This way, you can reduce overspending and avoid underpaying. As a business owner, you can set the amount for each transaction or switch it to periodically. This provides a tremendous advantage when dealing with recurring invoices.

3.Improved Security

Virtual payment cards are safer than traditional payment options. Unlike their traditional counterparts, they can conceal a company's account information. Additionally, it's impossible to steal a virtual card than you would a physical credit or debit card. Once you use the 16-digit number in a virtual payment card, it's invalid and cannot be charged again. Even though a number can be reused several times, it's connected to a single payee; This means an additional use would be unauthorized and declined.

4.Easy Cash Flow Management




Most businesses have a hard time managing their cash flow. They have to pay suppliers and vendor payments during an agreed-upon time frame. During this period, confusion arises when assessing what funds are available to the accounts payable department. With a virtual card, the system allows businesses of any size to manage financials through improved reporting with data capture. This reconciliation increases internal transparency in the finance department. Additionally, it makes the accounts department more efficient as you don't require an analyst to track the different payment types.


In today's ever-changing world, your business needs to evolve by tapping into modern technology. This can contribute to your success both short-term and long-term. Working with the correct payment method can contribute to your success. Join businesses that are improving their financial operations with virtual payment cards. This will help you save time, money and provide improved security to your payments.