Why Keeping Your House Clean And Spotless Is Important For Your Health

The saying a clean home is a happy home is not just one of those phrases people use for the sake of it, as it has real meaning behind it. There has been plenty of research conducted on the benefits of a clean home and these benefits can have a profound impact on your life.


Here are 5 reasons why keeping your house clean is important for your health.

1.A Clean Home Reduces Stress

A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind, and while you think you might be able to ignore that increasing pile of dirty laundry in your room, chances are that is affecting you more than you think. Living in an unclean home is stressful, you come back from work to a mess and you have the fear that friends and family might spontaneously come over and judge the state of your home. There has been a lot of research exploring the relationship between messy homes and the stress hormone cortisol. A 2010 study posted in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that women with messier homes had higher levels of cortisol than women with tidier homes. This demonstrates a clear correlation between mess, space, and stress.





2.A Clean Home Helps You Sleep Better

The best nights of sleep are the ones where you go to bed without having any thoughts of chores that have been left undone. Going to bed with an extensive to-do list can lead to anxiety and stress which prolongs the process of falling asleep and reduces the quality of your sleep. Life gets busy, whether you are working full time, studying, or working as a full-time carer for your family, there is not always time for cleaning.  The cleaning professionals at glenn-group.co.uk provide contract cleaners so that you can keep your house in order without breaking your back to find the time to do it yourself. You will find it much easier to drift off when you are falling asleep in a tidy and clean space. Plus it is one less thing to worry about so your anxiety levels will be reduced and your quality of sleep will increase.

3.You Will Get Sick Less Often

Another important reason why you need to keep your house clean is that you will be less likely to get ill. Bacteria, germs, dust, and allergens build up in carpets, curtains, bed sheets, sofas, and more. Over time each of these elements can harm your health and can contribute to worsening allergies and respiratory disorders such as Asthma. In the current climate that we live in, there is no point in taking any chances with your health while living through a global pandemic. Cleaning your home doesn’t just mean doing a little bit of dusting here and there and vacuuming the house. You need to declutter spaces and surfaces and use anti-bacterial sprays and other cleaning products that can kill germs.

4.You Will Be Happier

There is nothing more important than your happiness and living in a clean environment can contribute to your happiness. With so many people now having to work from home, working and living in a messy space will be depressing and stressful. So it is important to keep your house clean so that your mental health is being cared for.

5.A Clean Home Can Lead To Healthier Eating Habits

This last point often comes as a surprise to people, but a clean home has indeed been associated with healthier eating habits. The clutter and mess in your home increase your stress levels, and when people are feeling stressed they tend to turn to junk food as a coping mechanism. Maintaining a clean home makes you feel organized and put together which can lead to making healthier food choices. The sense of organization at home spreads to other areas of your life, such as diet, exercise, and increased productivity at work. Research conducted in 2013 found that people who were working in a clean and organized space were twice as likely to pick an apple over a chocolate bar compared to those who were working in a messy space.





Your physical and mental well-being needs to be nurtured and cared for, and one way to do this is to make sure you keep your house clean and tidy. If you lack the time to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional to do it for you. The investment is well worth it and you will quickly reap the rewards of a clean home.