Launch Trampoline Park Aims to Launch Franchise Nationwide

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With five franchisees already in operation throughout New England, one in Delaware and another 15 franchisees signed and waiting to come on board, Launch Trampoline Park already has a significant jump on its goal of taking the brand nationwide.

Describing it as the coolest indoor family entertainment facilities, CEO Rob Arnold said the trampoline parks range from 18,000 square feet up to 42,000 square feet - with over 50 percent of that space being covered by trampolines positioned on the floors and angled up the walls.

In addition to offering high-flying jumping fun, Launch also has trampoline dodge ball and trampoline basketball available to play, giving an added boost to those two traditional games. Various other attractions that range from location to location include 20 foot tall stunt towers to jump off, landing on giant stunt man air bags; giant foam pits for jumping into and a full redemption arcade and full-service cafe.

The first park opened in November 2012, Arnold said during a recent interview from the company’s headquarters in Warwick, Rhode Island, and the company started franchising in April 2013.

Wet and Wild Inspiration

Launch got its own launch after Arnold and his wife Erin went on Vacation in Florida in 2011. Fortunately (as it would turn out) for them, it was a rather rainy holiday.

“Instead of going to Disney World and putting our raincoats on, my wife jumped online and found a trampoline park in the area,” Arnold recalled. The family went to the trampoline park and within five minutes he and Erin knew they should try to open one back home.

With Erin being a gymnast in high school and Arnold having competed on roller blades semi-professionally in high school on half-pipes and street courses, the idea of jumping and twisting was right up their alley, the CEO said. After their trip, they came back to Rhode Island and within two weeks started looking for a location for the first Launch Trampoline Park.

The Arnold’s brought in a third partner; none other than former New England Patriots player Ty Law. Law was getting ready to purchase several food franchises at the time, Arnold said, when he introduced the idea of the trampoline park to Law. Within a couple of days the former National Football League player asked if they could partner up on the trampoline park idea.

Fitness with Fun

The need for Launch Trampoline Parks goes beyond just giving families a new form of entertainment to replace the same old thing that people are growing tired of, the CEO said.

“We’re getting kids off the couch and making them active,” he explained. “We’re getting them sweaty and getting their heart rate up. We’re introducing fitness into their lives, but disguising it as fun.”

It’s obvious that kids love jumping, as they are constantly getting into trouble for jumping on the bed at home, he noted, plus parents also love jumping on the trampolines, which makes it fun for everybody.

Ideal Franchisees

The team at Launch Trampoline is looking for people who have marketing, finance and management backgrounds who have been successful in the past, Arnold noted. The franchise is getting a lot of interest from corporateexecutives and investment groups that are looking to purchase multiple units.

To bring their new franchisees on board, Launch performs an initial call with them and has the potential franchisees fill out a ‘let’s get acquainted’ form. From there, the hopeful franchisees speak with Launch’s franchise sales department, which takes them through a business overview of the franchise system and then they have a CEO call with Arnold. After that call, they set up a discovery day while Launch drafts a letter of intent for the franchisees’ new territory and they follow up the letter of intent with the franchise agreement.

Once new franchisees are on board, the training and support begins. That support includes a broker network that is set up to help with the site selection process, a project manager that works alongside the franchisee to complete the countdown to launch, which is a 20-week process to make sure the new location is ready to open. Launch also helps franchisees with the layout of their parks.

“We have an engineer on staff that will design the parks, design the equipment and optimize customer flow throughout the space,” Arnold said.

The company has a VP of sales and marketing and a director of marketing that franchisees can get assistance from, plus business support managers that are designated to support specific franchisees throughout their entire relationship with Launch, meaning franchisees always have a dedicated support staff member there to assist them.

The Launch Difference

Unlike other trampoline parks that tend to hide themselves away in industrial parks, Launch tries to get its franchises into retail environments because it wants to be in visible locations that parents know are safe.

Launch’s full service cafe and full redemption arcade also make it different than the competition, which often only offers trampolines, Arnold said. And, helping with marketing and keeping children entertained at birthday parties is

Launch’s seven foot tall green kangaroo mascot named Joey.

With 15 more franchises set to open within the next 10 months up and down the east coast, territories on that side of the country are selling out quickly. However, there are still plenty of locations across the entire country, including some that don’t have any trampoline parks nearby, making them especially lucrative.

Apart from spreading Launch across the United States, the CEO said, the company also has plans to sign some international deals within the next couple of years.

With the company growing at such a quick pace — tripling in size this year — and also looking to add employees at the corporate level in marketing and operations, it’s an ideal time for franchisees to jump on board with Launch Trampoline Parks.