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Welcome to the May issue of Franchising USA Magazine.

Times are a changin’, and lately there’s been a lot of discussion in the franchising world about how the industry is shifting and adapting to the rapidly evolvingconsumer landscape. Franchising USA is dedicated to providing you with the latest industry news and information so you can stay on top of changing trends, and this issue is no exception as our Industry Experts offer tips on how to evolve and grow your business to keep up with these changing times.

On the Cover this issue is VerloMattress, a franchise that is no stranger to change after six decades of success in the business. Founded in 1958 and franchising since 1991, the brand is now reaping the rewards of people’s new found love of slumber. Turn to page 10 to find out why it’s now Exciting Times for this 60 Year Old Mattress Franchise. This month our Special Feature takes a look at Automotive Franchising, an industry that is in the midst of rapid change and evolving to meet the needs of changing consumers. Our Feature Industry Experts look at how to close the gap on new businesses entering an already competitive industry, and how established brands can adapt their business model to stay competitive. 

How can your brand influence the next generation of entrepreneurs? We cover that too, with advice on how to attract a new generation of franchisees and customers through modernization.

Subway is on the Cover of our Veterans in Franchising supplement this month and is offering A Great Opportunity for Veteran Entrepreneurs. Turn to page 44 to read how veteran entrepreneurs are thriving with the brand’s franchising model and hear from Chief Development Officer Don Fertman, who discusses how the dedication and work ethic of veterans makes for great Franchisees and how proud he is of the veterans in the Subway family.

Ask the Expert is back, as Evan Hackelanswers a Connecticut reader’s question n on “Should I stop doing annual reviews?” Turn to page 38 to read Evan’s advice on this often dreaded annual task and find out whether or not it’s worth your time to continue this common HR practice.

Don’t forget to check out the latest in Industry News on page 6, and take some time to scroll through some of the great opportunities currently available in our A-Z listings at the back of the magazine.

Happy reading!

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” - Benjamin Franklin