Looking for a change? Here are five reasons to consider a career as a Franchise Consultant

One silver lining to the COVID crisis is that people have slowed down. While sheltering in place, we have come to realize that there’s more to life than the everyday hustle of corporate America. Many of us are looking to make a change. Sound like you?


If you’re dreading going back to the 9-to-5 routine, have lost your job, or are looking for a more lucrative career, you might consider becoming a franchise consultant. In a lot of ways, this role has been the industry’s best-kept secret. Franchise consultants (also known as franchise brokers) have created significant wealth for themselves by helping hopeful business owners identify suitable franchise opportunities. It’s a great career for those who are good communicators and want to make a difference.


The path to becoming a franchise consultant is probably easier than you think. By aligning with a reputable Franchise Broker Network such as IFPG, you receive all the training you need to become a CFC (Certified Franchise Consultant). Once you complete a program, there’s typically ongoing mentorship, education, access to proprietary CRM systems, and built-in relationships with franchisors. Of course, success doesn’t come automatically. Just like with any business or career, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.  


So, is it for you? If you are a people-person who is self-motivated, it’s worth a look. Here are some perks that come along with the role.  


Flexibility: Franchise consultants enjoy a great work-life balance. They can work from home and make their own hours. Working part- or full-time, they can build their business around their schedules instead of the other way around.


Earning Potential: Franchisors value working with consultants because they deliver high-quality candidates to represent their brands. Some franchisors will even pay their entire franchise fee as a commission because of the time and money consultants save them. Consultants can make a nice living with a part-time effort and garner executive level income working full time.


Growing Industry: With more than 3,000 franchised brands in the U.S. alone, franchising is growing at an accelerated rate. Now with unemployment at an all-time high, people are looking to franchising to take control of their futures and build wealth. 


Access to New Opportunities: Consultants develop relationships with franchisors and open many doors for themselves within the industry. As part of a broker network, you have access to established franchises as well as the newest and most exciting brands. Some consultants have seized opportunities and invested in franchise opportunities themselves or have been invited to join corporate franchise teams. The possibilities are endless.


Feel-good business: What could be more satisfying than helping someone change their life for the better? That’s exactly what franchise consultants do. They guide people into business ownership and lead their clients on a path to financial freedom. Can you think of a more satisfying position than that?



Jill Abrahamsen is Editorial Director at the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), a franchise broker network that helps hopeful entrepreneurs identify and invest in franchise businesses. As Editor of Franchise Consultant Magazine and FranchiseWire, Jill Abrahamsen writes and edits articles about success through franchise ownership.