mobile-franchises WEBSITE.jpgThe world of business has slowly developed into a multitasking outlet. It’s never simple enough to only offer one service, or provide one product. People like two kill more than two birds with one stone when they arrive on your door step.

The economy is garnered towards convenience and time management. People do not want to waste their time on getting their car fixed, or coloring their hair or picking up groceries. Having errands ran as swiftly and quickly as possible is the goal.

Mobile franchising has been the direct result of this high maintenance consumer demand, it not only makes access to business easier, it actually arrives on your doorstep. It’s a comfort to know a place can provide a service and you never have to leave your house.

A lot of mobile businesses are business to business franchises, offering products and services to other businesses rather than directly to consumers. One of the most popular business to business options is IT professional services. Everyone needs digital communication to remain successful in this fast paced economy, mobile businesses would have to come to location to service your issues. A lot of bigger businesses have contracts with IT franchises to service them and their partnering locations.

Before investing in a mobile program similar to that of an IT franchise, research into the contract holders would be wise. A franchise that has a lot of connections to other local businesses could guarantee a long list of consumers that will generate success. Consider the location and proximity of all the other consumers at hand. Of course a franchisor may not be actually providing the sources, but having a great handle on the services provided in relation to the other businesses surrounding you would help insure a comfortable lifestyle.

A work life balance would come easily with a mobile business; a lot of the times you create the schedule and determine what works best for you. However, with an on call service you may have to step up in the case of emergency and take your mobile business to the consumer. The benefit of such an independent industry is the flexibility but if a high end client needs immediate services, it may be hard to ignore their needs.

It would be wise to research the policies and demands of each mobile business. Do they expect your services to be available all hours of the day? Are the visits made by appointment or urgency ? Can you ignore demands during certain times in the day? There are a lot of questions that differ from franchise to franchise. Sit down and consider the pros and cons of your ideal business from a personal perspective and use those as stand points to narrow down your mobile business.

Do not jump into it in without deep research and a reflection on your own personal needs. The mobile business can generate a lot of personal freedom but because the staff is extremely small, what is the protocol when someone is sick or someone quits? Even if you have great talent support and hire top notch people, what happens when they are not available, do you have to provide the service? If you so, are you well informed of the service or product. You should consider the training and support the franchise will provide to you.

It almost may be worth considering a mobile business that you are extremely interested in because if you are the backup employee, you’d want to be passionate about the service you are providing. If you have a background or field you would like to apply, it is likely there is now a mobile business attached to that industry and worthy of exploring.

Though the main feature of mobile franchising remains the same, it’s a franchise that goes to other businesses or consumers, the policies and procedures will vary according to the franchisor.

One of the biggest benefits to owning a mobile business is the investment cost and the startup date, because there is no actual physical location, it costs a lot less to get started. There is some flexibility as to where you can live and where you can service. Though some mobile services may contain a high budget start up, it would be based on equipment, so again research is key to the beginning of your journey with mobile franchising. Some franchisors start immediately after training because there is no building or creating a site for your business. An immediate start time may be extremely important to you. If you plan to invest in a franchise but need a quick turnaround, a mobile business may secure that option.

Mobile businesses used to be limited to delivering services but as the world is expanding and moving more quickly the option to make a business mobile has really grown. From dog grooming, to coffee machines, to catering parties- there are so many options, it’s hard to narrow down your favorite. Mobile businesses used to be limited to services that could only be provided directly on location: electrical issues, IT problems, construction services but nowadays there are so many options that allows the consumer to remain within their location, which is extremely convenient.

A consideration for competing services within your location could help you pick the proper location to set up. Though your mobile service is convenient, it may not be the option the community would consider. A lot of people enjoy going out for coffee or visiting local book stores or giving back to local businesses- so research and check out the area and it’s people before investing in a franchise. Also contact your franchisor to see what brand names are being carried because an established and recognized reputation can lead to quick profit and success.

Though mobile franchises used to be the abnormal form of business, it is becoming more and more common. With customers shopping online and having groceries delivered to their doorstep, they do not have the time or energy to leave the house for services. If you are interested in such a venue, you will be adhering to many consumers needs but also dipping into a business that is not over saturated and still appealing to consumers.

It allows for a flexible schedule that provides a great work life balance, but takes a lot of research before investment and your involvement is depending on your own needs and that of the franchisor. Consider your business desires and narrow down your expectations and there will definitely be an option to fulfill your entrepreneurial needs through a mobile franchise.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.