Mobile franchising may seem like a low scale business idea, but it’s currently on the rise. With the ability to easily work from home, people are opting for a mobile franchise that can be conducive to the home office lifestyle.

A mobile franchise is exactly what it sounds like; a business on wheels that usually goes to homes or offices to provide a service. Instead of renting an entire building for a service that is better suited to movement, the office is mobile and goes to the customer.

The demand for this type of business has increased over the last decade. People no longer want to leave the comforts of their own home to access their basic retailing needs.

Similar to a repair man or a plumber, people are now demanding hands on service for a variety of products; offices have their products and supplies delivered, their water filtration system delivered, even coffee is now refilled on site.

People have less time to run errands and when they are at home, they want to make the best of their free time to enjoy their family. In fact, more and more people are hiring services to help them save time and paying for convenience over material objects.

The downfall to a mobile franchise is being dependent to the schedule of your customers. Of course, most franchisees will have an opportunity to strengthen their business and hire staff that would run the mobile centres. In the case of emergency or staff turn-over, a franchisor would have to step in. During hours of operation, a franchisee would have to be on call and readily available.

Before investing in a mobile business, a hard look at costs and expectations of the franchisee, which may be in fine print, is definitely a necessity. Are you responsible for the maintenance, gas and upkeep of the vehicle? How does insurance work? What is the start up fees and what do they cover? Are you responsible for supplies and how are employees paid?

Consider hours of operations as well. A mobile business that works 24/7 may not give you the work life balance you are looking for or allow for much freedom at the end of the day. Even if you hire someone to run the business, the hours might be impeding.

It’s best to have a set list of personal business expectations and narrow down exactly what you would like from a mobile franchise.

The big bonus to a mobile franchise is the start up fees. Since there is no location to consider, the start up fees are really small in comparison to most franchises. That could be the make or break point for a lot of investors to consider since profits are usually in the same realm as other franchises, depending on the service and product. 

Computer Services

One of the growing global industries is technology services. This type of service is now a necessity for a lot of households and businesses. Companies depend on functioning technology to run their business, while families are dependent on technology for everyday life. Whether it's entertainment, a phone book, or a means to connect to others, computers and technology have so much more meaning in the day to day lives of most Americans.

That being said, it’s extremely inconvenient to leave the comforts of one’s home to seek IT support and it’s not a common skill for the everyday person.

A franchisee in this field does not require a background in technology, however it would helpful. Franchisors would provide the proper training, which would also allow a lot of different people to pick up some great IT skills.

A competitor for this type of mobile franchise would be the bigger industries that provide cell phone and internet services. For the most part, customers will contact their service provider for assistance, and it would be useful to see how an IT mobile franchise competes with service providers. A lot of mobile services would also provide computer repair, IT repair and a plethora of different options in comparison to a cell phone provider.

Gardening and Maid Services

Though the majority of Americans would like to keep up with the Jones, it’s not as easy when there are two income providers for each household. People are busy and it’s hard to keep that white picket fence at its whitest; there just is not enough time in one day.

People also want to stop wasting their time at home with errands and chores. Bills are now paid with the click of a mouse and clothes, glasses, even prescriptions are ordered online. A time suck for a lot of people are the household chores that are never ending. More and more people are opting to use their extra cash to access more time and freedom.

Gardening and cleaning franchises are easy mobile services to run, without any experience necessary whatsoever. A staff can easily be hired to be in control of most of the services, while a franchisee would remain at home running the business. The business hours are usually in the day time, when clients are out of their households, making it less likely to be a 24 hour service.

However, a cleaning and gardening service for a business may have bigger and more demanding expectations, with a higher buy in. Big machines and high end cleaners are used overnight in large buildings when staff is not there to hinder the process.

Those interested in running a mobile cleaning service should consider the pros and cons of business maintenance versus household services, and they would be dependent on what a franchisee is looking for in a business on a personal level.

The competition for cleaning and gardening services would not be as obvious nowadays. People are offering services on social media under the table at a lower cost. An environmental scan of your preferred location would help give you an understanding of the competition. Even community chat rooms and Facebook pages would publish a decent amount of information about those offering local services.

Handywork, Plumbing and Household Needs

Of course you always call in a professional when it comes to the big projects in your house, but nowadays more and more customers are availing of everyday household services. The upkeep of a home is not an easy task and fewer people are learning the everyday skills necessary for emergency services.

Even simple tasks can be provided by someone for a decent price. A franchisee interested in such a service has a lot of options to consider. Some of these franchises offer multiple services that could bring in a lot of profit, while others specialize in a specific field.

If you have a background in a certain trade, that type of franchise may interest you and allow you to pursue your passion on your own time, while also giving you a leg up on the competition.

This type of business is again in competition with local services, both small business venues and individuals offering talent from social media sites is a competitive venue that may not be advertised.

It’s best to review your location on the ground and get an understand of prices and services from local consumers. Clients do tend to be loyal to a service once they are satisfied with the business they received. While at the same time, the franchise chosen may come with a list of current guaranteed business clients and a brand name that knocks out any competition.

Mobile franchising used to be secluded to a certain type of service, but it now reaches above and beyond the typical scope. There are a lot of opportunities to choose from and it usually allows the franchisee to work from home, while depending on a staff to roll out the business.

Due to the variety of choices and the unique setting of mobile franchises, it is suggested to have a full understanding of expectations of the franchisee, along with a well researched view on the ground of competition.

Whatever your passion, it’s likely easily accessd through mobile franchising, plus it costs a lot less to get your business off the ground.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.