Mobile Franchising Feature

mobile-franchises_website_0.jpgA lot of businesses nowadays do not have a stable location as a place of business. In the modern world, it’s easy to change traditional business to suit the needs and demands of the American public.

As more people are opting for convenience, and willing to pay for time saving services, the franchise world has opened its doors to new opportunities. Using technological advancements to work with people in different manners and widen options to appease many, franchising has adjusted easily to new age ideas.

A mobile business is one of the most easily accessible franchise options for those interested in a small start up with a lower investment fee. Without a location or sometimes many employees, the fees and operation expectations are lower.

Mobile businesses are a great opportunity to create your own schedules accordingly and create a decent work life balance that is truly the business owner’s ultimate goal.

There were over 28 billion small businesses in the US in 2017 - some of those mobile business options. The benefit of starting a small business as a franchise has numerous benefits.

A franchise is an ideal option in this case, because a list of clients may come along with the investment, as well as name brand usage and reputation. Most franchises offer marketing and tech support, while ongoing training and set up.

Running one’s own small business would require a lot of time, effort and resources, while in the case of a franchise, an owner can easily step away from the business and likely have it run by a few employees. The support and expertise of a franchisor, allows investors to create a more balanced schedule with more personal freedom.

The mobile franchise offers a variety of opportunities for franchisees to consider- the choices allows owners to play to their strengths or pursue a business passion that they always dreamed about.

Food Trucks

The food truck has become more popular and trendy in the last couple years. Most cities fill their streets with hot dogs, scones, burgers, perogies straight from the van.  There are now festivals, concerts, food competitions focused on the growing fad of food trucks. What was once a quick fix for hunger now includes higher end options, with real meals being served on the street.

This allows franchisors to choose their destination, work with employees to best fit their their lifestyle and also network connections with other local businesses for further profit. The downside of a trending business is the idea that it could eventually lose traction and interest. A franchise tends to have a stable reputation before setting up for business, with support a small food truck could be profitable and easy to manage. For those interested in the festival and concert lifestyle, they could run the franchise on the ground themselves and enjoy all the extra bonuses that come with it.

Social Media

Social Media platforms have become a part of everyday business – a free marketing tool that can gain customers through following. Though it’s free and accessible, it’s not always easy to navigate for a lot of businesses. In 2017 it was calculated that 90% of US businesses use social media for marketing purposes ( and that number continued to climb.

Social media assistance tends to be outsourced by most companies to get the job done. This provides a new opening for franchises, social media businesses focused on communications and marketing work for other companies and flood their pages and keep their content up to date.

Some franchisees interested in this field would potentially have a background in social media, but digital marketing expertise would not be necessary for success or profit. A franchise would offer a roster of clients and branding keeping business simple and easy.

Household Services

People used to have the time and space to tend to a lot of the common household chores and upkeep. Nowadays, there are long rush hours, afterschool activities, and ongoing events so time is less available. The modern world has provided many conveniences, as well as business opportunities. Franchises have answered the call to household duties and mobile franchises offer different options to adhere to such needs.

Gardening and Landscaping is a common outsources chore that families take advantage of, while everyone wants to have the greenest lawns and fullest gardens, they don’t have the time or dedication to meet their needs.

Maid service is a franchise options with great branding and insured clients. A franchisee would allow a lot of their employees to tend to clientele and run the mobile business for them, while they remain dedicated to the operations and management.

Dog walking and pet sitting is now available as a franchise. Though you’d be competing with local businesses, customers would prefer a stable franchise that is reliable and guarantees services. 68% of US households owned a pet in 2018 and tend to need additional help to care for their creatures. Whether it’s during regular work hours while owners are away or during a family vacation, there are a lot of opportunities to gain a large clientele in this industry, plus if a franchisee is a pet lover, working on the ground could allow them to follow a passion.

The mobile franchise is an ever growing business opportunity that is easy to start and maintain. With nothing tangible to operate and likely a smaller employee pool, franchisees can run their business from their home or work directly in the field.

Though it has a lower investment, there is plenty of room to grow. As a franchisee gets a grip on one mobile franchisee, they could eventually run multiple in the same field if the customers are there and the market is demanding.

An ongoing concern with mobile business is competing small business owners and freelancers. A person willing to walk and sit dogs can simply load their talents on a facebook page and reach out to clients locally. Though that may sound lucrative and cost less upfront, a franchise offers available clients and branding which is the key to success and profit. Starting a small business can be risky and unpredictable but a franchise offers support, training and a template that will generate profit.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma, Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She has worked as a reporter and in communications, focusing on social media. She currently works as a community information officer with Epilepsy Society, while pursuing her writing career at the same time.