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As a “SuperBroker™”, Curt Maier offers his clients a wide range of services primarily focused around business brokerage and franchise sales.

As the owner of Murphy Business Northwest, Inc., Curt himself is a franchisee of the nation’s largest and most successful firms in the industry. Curt brings the best of two worlds to his clients as his office is a small, local business closely connected to the Puget Sound business community. Yet he is part of a team founded in 1994: Murphy Business & Financial Corporation LLC, with over 165 offices and 275 brokers located across North America. This team of experienced professionals offers an unsurpassed range of brokerage services. And as a Veteran himself (Curt served aboard a Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine as a United States Naval Nuclear Officer during the Cold War), Curt has made it a priority to reach out to transitioning Veterans from all services to present small business ownership options for their consideration.

So what are these business and franchise brokerage services Curt provides? Here is a description of them:

Business Sales

Works with the owners of small businesses to sell their business at the best price & terms. Curt does this by validating a realistic sales price through his current knowledge of the marketplace. Confidentiality is essential throughout the process and he brings his expertise in attracting and securing serious potential buyers. He assists in the pre-arrangement of lender financing if necessary and is adept at untangling the red tape associated with business transactions. Finally, as an expert negotiator, he brings the deal to a successful win-win close which meets or exceeds the expectations of both buyer and seller.

Business Searches

As a successful prior business owner in a number of industries, Curt uses the same care in helping to match his clients who are buyers with the appropriate existing business or new franchise to purchase.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Although most of the business transactions Curt handles are “Main Street” businesses, if the buyer of the business is likely to be another company or a private equity group, then he can leverage his significant experience in acquiring privately-held companies to bring value to his clients in these deals.

Exit Strategies

Curt brings his knowledge in the current area of the law, accounting and taxes (and brings his professional partners into the picture) to assist sellers whose talents are better suited to effectively running their businesses and managing profitability rather than chasing buyers, lenders, lawyers and CPAs/accountants.

Business Consulting

Sooner or later most business owners need some external assistance from Curt and engage him for a variety of reasons including:

• Business/Strategic Planning

• Cash Flow Problems

• Declining Sales and/or Profitability

• Desire to Grow the Business

• Employee/Management Issues

• Lower Margins from Increased Competition

• Obtaining Loans/Financing

• Prepare for the Sale of the Business

• Retirement/Exit Strategy Development

Business Valuations

Sooner or later most business owners need a reliable valuation of their business. Curt provides valuations ranging from simple market analysis reports to professional valuations for any reason.

Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Curt seeks to answer the question “What’s It Really Worth?” when it comes down estimating the value, at any given time, of any sort of property, which requires the skills and training Curt has. He is a CMEA (Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser) certified by the NEBB Institute.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Unlike the average franchise broker, Curt holds a real estate license and understands the complexity of site selection and acquisition. He helps his clients in preparing comprehensive analyses and comparisons of potential properties.

Franchise Sales

Both new franchise sales and franchise re-sales – As a former franchisee/area developer for SarahCare Adult Day Services, Inc., which is the premier adult day care franchise in the senior healthcare market, Curt has an intimate knowledge of franchising from years of personal experience as an owner. He also leverages his experience in selling his franchise successfully with his clients. Curt also works with franchisors to assist their franchisees in the re-sale of their businesses when it is time to retire or otherwise move on.

So what makes Curt a SuperBroker™?

Being both a licensed business broker and a licensed franchise broker enables him to bring the entire range of small business ownership options to his clients.

Curt can be reached at (425) 679-6627 and his website is at: